on the doorstep

Yes, I admit to being a travel junkie. Yes, sometimes I end up well off the beaten track. But, I can go round the corner and find beauty. It doesn’t have to involve jumping in the car and heading for the airport at 4.30am.

Across the street from home, I have woods and farmland.

just across the street

The Fife coast is 5 minutes away in the car (note to self – when the snow and ice disappears I must start cycling to some of the lovely spots around here).

5 minutes away

5 minutes away

If I feel able to spend 30 minutes in the car, the whole of Fife opens up. Quaint fishing villages with wonderful pubs and restaurants.

not far away

Castles. Palaces. Rich, rolling farmland.

This blog is mostly about the photos, not the words. They speak volumes.

© iain taylor 2011

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