fellowship or fun?

Dublin, April.

So, the conference is booked. The flight is booked (Ryanair – eugh – but it’s only £80 return).

a duck, a fountain & the castle

Its the annual conference of Rotary International of Britain & Ireland (RIBI) at the Royal Dublin Showground in April. I’m such a committed Rotarian that if it was in any other city, probably I wouldn’t go! I’m only going because I’ll be president of my own Rotary club come July, so thought I ought to show a bit of interest.

It won’t fool anyone, of course. Me included.

The prospect of being a full time Rotarian for 2 days is quite scary. But with it being Dublin, if it’s all getting too much for me I can just disappear into the real world and retrieve my soul.

The “hotel” is booked too. All the Scottish Rotarians are staying in one hotel, at a special conference rate – in other words more than the usual rate. It was full by the time I tried to book, so I’ll be spared having to talk about worthy deeds and the joys of fellowship over breakfast.

I’m in a B&B (it doesn’t charge extra to visiting Rotarians) which seems quite good based on the reviews I’ve seen. Probably all written by the owner’s pals. Cynical? Me? The name seems a bit pretentious for a B&B, but time will tell.


Now I just have to find a horse racing meeting (or even the greyhounds) to make the trip interesting and worthwhile.

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