So, 25-12 without using the “C” word….

Turned into a special day. That’s the idea, isn’t it?

I wandered around the “smart” parts of Piraeus for an hour, and decided to scope the grotty parts before going upmarket again for lunch.

As I reached the ferry port, a blue and yellow hydrofoil was pulling in – noticeable because nothing else was moving. It jogged a memory – the company name was Flying Dolphins. Quite catchy, like the livery.

my transport

Then I realised it’s one of the companies serving the Aegina route. Now I’d thought about Aegina as a day out for 25-12, but had forgotten to check the timetable, and put it out of my mind.

So out of this huge ferry terminal, chance had taken me to where I had to be for a trip to Aegina. Checked at the desk, and the next service was in 15 minutes. Stick to plan A, or decide it was all for a reason, and jump on?

Plan B it was…

It was a bumpy 45 minute trip over. I think I’d only been on a hydrofoil once before, so I didn’t realise.  3pm and I’m settled in a harbourside resto ordering souvlaki for lunch. Then a wander around town – sunshine, sea air…aah.

my lunch (well, the leftovers)

Then the 5.05 back over to Piraeus. Getting dark as we left the island, and great to pass the ships at anchor in the dark, and see the city approach.

A special day.

my lunch venue

© iain taylor 2011

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