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I’m only 35 minutes by train from the centre of Edinburgh. I’m privileged to have been to many cities at home and abroad, and it is one of the most attractive anywhere.

Sure its not “big” like Paris, London or New York, but big is not necessarily beautiful. “Les petits sont souvent les meilleures” to quote Obelix.

“The small ones are often the best” is how I would translate that. Obelix the philosopher.

And this is not parochialism. At least I don’t think it is. I spent most of my childhood in Edinburgh (13 years) and I dislike lots of things about the city. Mostly that’s about social attitudes, however, and does not affect the attractiveness of the place to an outsider. I’ve lived in plenty other places, so I hope that gives me perspective.

As well as some stunning physical aspects – a castle on a hill, right in the city centre – it has heritage by the truckload and some great pubs and restaurants.

Palace at Holyrood

I travel over there about 4-5 times every week, and perhaps being an outsider living in the sticks has helped me to appreciate it.

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