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It would be a mistake to assume my life revolves around only football and Parkrun these days, although sometimes I wonder if they are too dominant.

More sophisticated stuff does catch my interest quite regularly.

The last time was a book launch event. A poetry book, no less. I must confess it is football poetry, but is that a bad thing?

Hall of Fame

It took place at the Scottish Football Museum located in the National Stadium in Glasgow (yes, I know – Queen’s Park again). I went along with my cousin and his wife. We all enjoyed it.

Grand Opening

My previous cultural outing to Glasgow (in March 2024) was for the Glasgow Film Festival to see The Teacher at the Glasgow Film Theatre.


It was excellent and well worth the bus journeys there and back.

Glasgow Film Theatre

No football. No Parkrun.

I was at the cinema in Edinburgh in May 2024, for a showing at the Falastin Film Festival.

Post Film Discussion

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it too. Both the films I saw were documentaries.


I have to admit Gaza Footbullet is about football – a team of amputee players.

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