The Start

In April 2022 my doctor announced (very bluntly) the news that I was obese and into the high risk zone on my way to type 2 diabetes. The “obese” bit was rubbish. He had not examined me and was just working on the raw BMI menu.

Yes, I was overweight, and the last thing I needed was more pills to pop – I was already on two medications for hypertension and two for my cholesterol/blood flow. Action was required. I considered the options and started the NHS’ Couch-to-5k programme.

I finished it in September 2022 and reckoned Parkrun’s 5k every Saturday would be the obvious progression.

Midweek Workout

Now in mid-June 2024 I have completed 82 Parkruns and it is completely embedded in my lifestyle. At 09.30 on Saturdays, that is what I do… whatever the weather and even if I am tired.

My home course is the Kirkcaldy one and I am fortunate to have two others close by at Lochore Meadows and Loch Leven. The local element is a foundation of the Parkrun concept but I do enjoy the variety of visiting those other courses regularly.

Finish Area

Beyond that, I have been to the Erskine Waterfront and Linwood courses after I had stayed Friday nights in the area following football matches.

At my age it is fair to assume my body will give up on me fairly soon, but that will open the door to regular volunteering at the events. Meantime my goal is to reach 100 runs, and perhaps try a Parkrun in another country.


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