the trip of a lifetime?


January 2012 I expect to be in Tanzania to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Hopefully starting the climb between 14 and 21 January.

My Rotary club has been actively supporting several projects in the Kilimanjaro area for a few years now.

I will be president of the club in 2011-12. So from these 2 situations sprang the idea of visiting the projects that year, and raising some money as well. The mountain is there, so why not?

It’s only 19,000′ (or thereby). It’s an 8 day climb.

I’ve never climbed a hill in my life – the only middle aged, middle class Scot who has that claim to fame? So it seemed like a good idea. A worthwhile challenge.

Right now it looks like the group will be anything from 6 to 18 strong. A lot depends on the prices which the potential expedition organisers come back with. That may put an end to some who are “interested”.

More on the local projects later.

More on the expedition later…

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