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I woke up this morning with the idea to write something about my trip to Ingolstadt next month. Something subconscious suggested (alliteration!) it’s only 4 weeks away.

the new castle

Then I look at Facebook over coffee, and find a message about the trip from Rosi – one of my hosts.

So it is getting close now – its about 2 months since I booked the flights.

Rosi & Till spent a few fun days staying with me in May ’10. My Rotary club is twinned with the one in Ingolstadt, and every 4 years we host a visit from some of their members. Also every 4 years, we go and visit them.

It was an interesting experience as a self employed single parent to play host to a couple of strangers for 4 nights. Challenging, but fun (because that’s what life is about).

Till & Rosi invited me to their annual garden party in July ’10. I think they were surprised I accepted. I mean a single guy (who doesn’t speak German) in amongst all their friends…

old town skyline

A 2 night trip, only possible really because Easyjet flies Edinburgh >< Munich. So reasonably cheap and convenient.

Actually it was a lot of fun from beginning to end. Fortune rewarding the brave (again). I could write several blogs about that trip… Anyway, the focus of the party was the screening in their back garden of “The Life of Brian” – in German of course, and no subtitles.

Old Anatomical Faculty

Next month’s trip is about a big gala dinner – more on that around the time.  I don’t know much about it, except that it’s a highlight of the city’s social calendar. When Rosi invited me over, I just didn’t hesitate because I’d had such fun on the last trip.

And as regards this blog’s title (for those who don’t know) Ingolstadt is the home of Audi.

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