missing out?


I travel over to Edinburgh several times each week, and take the train if at all possible. To get right into the city centre takes 40 minutes on a fast train, compared with 45-50 by car. Assuming all goes according to plan, of course…

The first part of the journey follows the coast as far as Aberdour, and after going inland for a few miles, takes me across the spectacular Forth Railway Bridge.

My train trip yesterday started about 4.45, and being still January meant it was dusk. It was a clear sky, with an almost full moon shining brightly on the water of the Firth of Forth. The beauty of the scene was added to by the lights of two merchant ships at anchor in the bay, and a handful of lobster boats.

A few minutes later and I have a different panorama as the train crosses the bridge – still bright moonlight on the water, but this time it is the lights of the oil and gas terminals which shine out.

In the daytime – when it’s low tide – as I whizz by I can see seals basking on the rocks at a couple of the beaches. Lots of birdlife as well, as you’d expect. Herons are the most eye catching. Often the train startles deer which have been grazing close to the tracks.

Occasionally my Edinburgh friends and colleagues suggest that somehow I “miss out” by not living and working in the city.

I don’t think so…

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