New Normal

My travel habits changed post-pandemic in 2022. The “why” is a long story, which I will tell, but not right now. 

V&A Dundee Entrance

At the moment my travel is very local and mostly relates to watching football. Usually that means seeing Queen’s Park games in the Scottish Championship (tier 2, in other words). Again, the “why”is part of the long story. The club plays in the south side of Glasgow (close to Queen’s Park, strangely enough) and owned the National Stadium at Hampden Park until 2020. 

Dundee United’s Orange Home

I still live in Fife, so it is a 120 mile round trip journey (by car) to home matches. I travel by public transport almost invariably, and use the games as a focal point for a Big Day Out. I lived in Glasgow for 17 years and close to Hampden Park for part of the time, so I enjoy going back. 

One of my recent outings was to see them play Dundee United in Dundee, and although they lost, it was an enjoyable game. It formed the basis for a really good Saturday. 

Lochore Meadows, 09.25

Parkrun has been another change to my behaviours since 2022, and the morning of my jaunt north to Dundee I ran the Lochore Meadows course. It was a stunning morning and a wonderful way to kick off* my day.

In between I managed a coffee and cake in the V&A Dundee to keep my energy levels up. 

* Sorry about that. The temptation was too much. 

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