The Tower

The Tower

We had a trip down memory lane on Sunday afternoon. Lunch at the TV tower, in a reprise of my first visit in 1993. It was wonderful.

Afternoon Refresher

In those days it was a compulsory part of any visitor’s agenda, partly for the views from the top – certainly not for the food or service back then – and its recent history.

The tower was completed in December 1980. The construction was funded by the 11th Five Year Plan of the Soviet Union, which had earmarked funds for strategic investment in the then Lithuanian SSR. The 19th floor observation deck 165 m (541 ft) from the ground houses the cafe Paukščių takas (“Milky Way”) with a rotating platform which revolves once every 45 minutes.


The tower played a major role in the events of 13 January 1991 soon after independence, when 14 unarmed civilians lost their lives and 700 were injured opposing the OMON (KGB paramilitaries) seizure of the tower.

The timing of our visit on Sunday was absolutely perfect – but completely accidental. A lazy morning led to a late breakfast, followed by some shopping for R’s 93 year old mum, and her mum’s apartment is close to the tower, so…

Dusk Views

Dusk was approaching by the time we finished our (very) late lunch.

Suburban Life

It also gave me a reminder of how life is in the Soviet built suburbs of the city, where most people still live.

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