I blogged recently about dreadful customer service inflicted on me by KLM in September.

I am happy to be able to blog now about excellent service from SAS – or maybe it was Stockholm Arlanda.

On last month’s journey from Edinburgh to Vilnius via Arlanda I had a tight transit time – 70 minutes. It was plenty time for me to get from one end of Terminal 5 to the other, but – perhaps due to that recent experience – I was a bit nervous about my suitcase doing the same.

T5 at Arlanda

The flight to Vilnius involved a bus trip from the gate to some long lost corner of the airport, and as I queued to board the plane after getting off the bus, I could see the baggage handlers were already loading suitcases into the hold. I hoped for the reassurance of seeing my bag being loaded, but it was not to be. They finished and closed the hold door.

My mild (non clinical) anxiety resumed, controlled quite well by my more usual sang-froid.

VNO Departures

Then while my end of the queue inched closer to the Canadair RJ900, a baggage handler arrived on one of their wee electric trucks with one bag on it. Mine!

My trip home followed the same route in reverse, but with a 40 minute transit at ARN. The time was reduced to 30 minutes after the guidance system at the arrival gate for the flight from Vilnius refused to recognise a Canadair RJ900. A marshal had to be found.


As the flight to Edinburgh left from a passenger boarding bridge I was spared the tension of watching the baggage handlers. However, my expectations of meeting my suitcase at EDI were not high.

I need to be more positive – my suitcase was one of the first onto the carousel at EDI!


Thanks SAS. Thanks Arlanda.

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