The View to South

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday I took the ferry across to Nólsoy and spent 3 hours hiking across the island in the sun.

The Hike

The end result was a sunburnt face. The top temperature was 12⁰c, the latitude here is 62⁰N, and I got sunburnt.

No Fear

Well, it was worth it. I got fantastic scenery, a sleepy little village (island population is 217), a ton of fresh air and a lot of exercise.

The Village

You can see Nólsoy from Tórshavn and the ferry takes only 20 minutes. The cost is 40 DKK (£5/€5) return, so it is cheap too.

The Ternan

An island legend is about the daughter of a Scottish king who eloped after getting pregnant with a man her father did not approve of. They fled to Nólsoy and settled there. The ruins of their home can still be seen – called Prinsessutoftir.

East Coast

The day’s other big event was going to a pub in Tórshavn. A pub with a grass roof.


A pub where a small beer cost me 70 DKK (£8/€9). Fortunately pub and beer were both excellent.


Sunset last night was 23:20. The birds’ dawn chorus starts at 2am. If it gets dark at all, it is while I am asleep.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2019


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