Klaksvík Heliport

Yesterday I resumed my love affair with Atlantic Airways. I took their 11:22 helicopter service from here (Tórshavn) to Klaksvík. It was all over very quickly – 12 minutes.

Now this might sound extravagant or even pretentious, but the cost was 200 DKK – a bit over £23 (€26). The bus back took 2 hours and cost 90 DKK.

Klaksvík is the second largest town in the islands after Tórshavn, with a population of 5,000. That makes it quite a metropolis around here. It is on Borðoy, one of the northern islands. My plan for the day was to see the town and hike up one of the hills overlooking it.

Sadly, the lovely sunny morning in Tórshavn turned into a wet, windy one “up north”. I was on the next bus back. My time spent in Klaksvík was about 90 minutes.

There was good news, however!

The helicopter flight was just fantastic. A real bargain at that price. The bus journey was great too, with astonishing scenery all the way – including passing across Eysturoy, which is the island between Borðoy and Streymoy (where Tórshavn is).

Tórshavn Heliport

Back in Tórshavn the weather was still sunny and a pleasant 12⁰c.

Atlantic Airways operates two of these 15 seat helicopters. The route varies and on some days there are no flights, but the service I took starts at the airport in Vágar, and then island hops around four of the small ones as well as stopping at Tórshavn and Klaksvík.

Bus View

As far as Klaksvík is concerned, the wind and rain coming in off the sea made it impossible to take a view on the place. After wandering around for an hour after getting off the helicopter I was just getting fed up – although my waterproofs were doing their job well.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2019


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