Ibis Ouarzazate

I’m back in Ouarzazate now, after stage 1 of the journey home.

So far, so good. The rented Clio has now been returned and I’m checked into the local Ibis overnight. It will be a short stay. My flight tomorrow leaves at 6.55. I reckon I’ll be getting a taxi to pick me up at 5.15. It’s 5 minutes to the airport, which is right on the edge of town.

The Clio cost me 3,080 Dirhams (£280 or €300 approx) for 7 days from local company E.S.O.N. Maroc. They were fine, as was the car. It was quite new – 26,000km on the clock.

The Ibis is £21.75 (maybe €24) for the night (inclusive of breakfast), booked and paid for well in advance.

That Pass

The day has been very uneventful. A slow, relaxing breakfast. Packing up and checking out. The 2.5 hour drive from Zagora to here. I’ll miss the excitement of avoiding the local road users, in all their shapes and forms.

Nice Pool: Nice View

It’s strange to be back in a European chain hotel again after a week in Moroccan places, even although it’s in Morocco and has been built in the local style.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2017


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