Riad Lamane

Riad Reception

Today has been quite lazy. I’ll be driving back to Ouarzazate tomorrow, and then flying to Casablanca early on Sunday. On Monday it’s back to Scotland via Paris. Then I’ll be working all day on Tuesday. A lazy day today was definitely a good plan.

In the morning I did drive through town and out the other side to visit a museum recommended by one of my guidebooks. That was enjoyable.


I had a sandwich lunch at the riad – outside again. I don’t know if Zagora is warmer than Ouarzazate or if has just got warmer generally, but it was over 20⁰c at lunchtime and feeling warmer than that in the sun.


I really forced myself to disconnect the batteries in the afternoon – reading and a nap.

I took a few shots of the Riad Lamane to remember it by – it’s very different to the one in Ouarzazate but just as enjoyable. The tent (photo below) is where we all had breakfast this morning (6⁰c).

Breakfast Tent

Most people had 5 layers on and were still cuddling the coffee cups for warmth. I had a fleeting vision of a steaming bowl of porridge.

Like Le Petit Riad in Ouarzazate I’d recommend it to anyone.

My Bedroom

I do add a health warning however. These places are built to try to keep people cool when it’s 40⁰c. When it’s cold here in December and January, they aren’t cozy at all. The heat in the rooms is just the airconditioning, which they turn up to the 30⁰ mark.

So like today, breakfast could be a touch uncomfortable but you can eat lunch outside!

The food was better at Le Petit Riad – but it really sells itself as a gourmet place. The food has been very good here, but not in the same class.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2017




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