My 3rd visit. Well, my 4th visit to the Greater Ingolstadt Metropolis.

Also known as Audiland. The Audi manufacturing complex lies between Ingolstadt and Gaimersheim. A huge “city” dedicated to the concept of Vorsprung durch technik.

I had a fascinating insight into how Easter happens in Catholic Bavaria. Maybe it has been passing me by in Scotland, being a total unbeliever, but it’s a big thing in Bavaria.

my Easter basket...

Lots of church bells on Thursday night, then silence until Sunday. Big family get togethers over lunch on Friday and Sunday. Fish (matjes-salat) on Friday and meat (schweinebraten) on Sunday. The shops and restaurants almost all closed on Friday and Sunday.

Weißenburg - venue for Easter Sunday afternoon stroll

Plastic Easter eggs decorating the shrubs in the garden. Easter bunnies decorating the house. Eggs to be boiled and painted. Then searching the garden for Easter eggs on Sunday morning. Hmmm.

Well, that’s tradition for you.

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