Best Of 2016 (4) – Flights

Well, what a strange year!

After 2015, a real anti-climax. 2015 was exceptional of course. A trip to Ghana doesn’t come along every year, nor does a big bundle of airmiles at the “use or lose” stage.

In 2016 I had the usual bundle of cattle class easyJet flights between Edinburgh and Munich. Leaving aside the shortcomings of the easyJet experience – often attributable to other passengers as opposed to the airline – with flying so often with that airline on that route, they just become a blur. Remembering an individual trip isn’t easy, even if it was a pleasant one.

easyJet… Again.

I also flew to Munich with Air France via Paris and back with KLM via Amsterdam.


Nothing interesting or unusual there either.

Nothing So Exciting

I had only one airline trip which wasn’t between Edinburgh and Munich one way or another. It turned out very well, as it happens.

For “best airline” experience in 2016 the choice is Air Baltic from Munich to Rīga.

Old Friend

Cheap, cheerful and no frills, but Air Baltic has some happy memories from the 1990s when I did some work in Rīga.

The flight in May was on time and quiet. I was looking forward to a few days in the city, mostly to watch my son play in an ice hockey tournament.

Rīga Airport

An excellent 2 hour flight to revive some old memories and build some new ones.

ⓒ iain taylor 2017

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