Best of 2016 (5) – Sport

Ice hockey was the only thing that took me travelling in 2016. Mostly that travel was of the dull and boring kind – for business meetings in Sheffield and Newcastle. Long hours in windowless rooms.

Serious Stuff

I did use the long drive to Sheffield as an excuse to visit nearby North Wales, and that was fun.

I saw some ice hockey in Ingolstadt, but that wasn’t the reason for the travel.


I went to Musselburgh for horse racing, but I can almost see the course from home so it hardly counts.

The Winner?

I did look for opportunities to go to a meeting in England, Ireland or Wales but the dates never suited.

Rīga was the only real sporting travel – for an ice hockey tournament my son was playing in. It turned out to be a great idea. I love the city from past business trips and having some leisure time there was wonderful. The ice hockey was a pleasant distraction!

Drying Kit

So no real competition in this category. Rīga it is.

ⓒ iain taylor 2017

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