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January is a planning month here at Bread and Tea World Headquarters.

Most months are, if truth be told, but during the other months I’ll usually be putting the plans into effect as well as making new ones. January is usually a stay-at-home month.

The first plan for 2018 was laid a while ago and is now all set to roll. I’m off to Yorkshire for the first weekend in February. It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it. Moors and hills and historic places.

Reality check! It’s Bradford and Sheffield.

Downtown Sheffield

Junior’s ice hockey team is off for a “double header” road trip. Leeds Universities on Saturday night (they play in Bradford) and then Sheffield Universities on Sunday.

As one of the stalwart supporters I decided to tag along – by train and not on the team bus.

Rīga ’15

I’ve been to Bradford before, but only saw the rugby league stadium. Leeds will be completely new – I change trains twice there, so a bit of sightseeing is part of the plan.

I’ve been to Sheffield several times before, so I’ve been in no rush to go back. It’s a big ice hockey city, so I suppose it was inevitable. At least I know where not to eat and sleep. Last time I visited I did find a good place to eat, and I’m trying out the Novotel for size this time. Hopefully it will be quiet on a Sunday night.

Ice Sheffield

I do find myself questioning my judgement about a trip like this. I suppose it’s a good time to be getting away from the house for a few days and have a long weekend away from work. December and January are often tough months at work with a VAT return to sort out as well as year end accounts and tax returns. The returns have to be lodged by 31 January.

It’s an important trip for his team as well. They’re on top of the North section of the British Universities Ice Hockey League. If they can win both these games, they have 2 home games to finish off the league fixtures. Based on their games against Leeds and Sheffield in Edinburgh, they’ll be optimistic about the first and more nervous of the second.

Eagles @ St Andrews

They don’t get many travelling fans. Many of the players are overseas students so they have no family in Scotland. Many of their friends are also students and can’t fork out cash for a jaunt to England.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2018

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