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My holiday for the 1st half of 2011 is likely to be the one in May – to Serbia & Macedonia. It’s for the VT Euromeet, an annual convention of travel junkies. Lots of new faces, and a few friendships (Hansi & Lori from Ontario; Giampiero from California) to be renewed.

Flights were booked months ago – with KLM & JAT via Amsterdam to Belgrade. Out on 21 May and back the 31st.

Now the hotels, trips, dinners and so on are starting to fall into place. It’s getting exciting.

4 nights in Belgrade to start – the hotel looks amazing. Make sure your sound is on if you click on the link.

Monday is for meetings – already fixed up to meet someone at the UK Embassy – but the rest is just fun. Spending Tuesday afternoon in a rakia bar has to count as letting the hair down.

Next is Bitola in Macedonia – but I have to choose between a night in Niš (Serbia) or Skopje (Macedonia) on the way, to break the 6 hour drive.

Just 2 nights in Bitola, but the hotel seems good again. €60 per night for a 4 star place is hard to argue with.

Then 2 nights in Ohrid, on the spectacular Lake Ohrid.

I believe its possible to drive right around the lake, through Albania, if I have the right papers for the car. Tempting!

After that, a day for meetings in Skopje on the way back to Belgrade and the flights home.

Only 5 weeks to go!

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