Spey to Mosel

One great river to another…

I desperately needed some CPD (continuous professional development) hours by the end of October, so I signed up for a seminar at the Europäische Rechtsakademie in Trier. Couple of days on the banks of the Mosel, in prime grape harvest time.

Hauptmarktplatz, Trier

It was sure to be hard work. Well, quite hard at least.

I’ve been aware of the ERA (European Academy of Law – in English www.era.int ) for years, but this is the first time I’d decided to give it a try. I won’t bore you with the details, but it is quite a cost effective way to get my CPD. 3 hours at a course in Edinburgh would be £220. 10 hours at the ERA was €330. My flight to Hahn with Ryanair was only £50 or so, including a checked in bag, priority boarding and a reserved seat.

The quality looked good on paper. Only one way to find out.

My only previous visit to Trier was in 1970. I backpacked around that corner of Europe with 5 high school friends.

Porta Nigra, Trier

I’ve been to the area since then – Luxembourg quite often, and once enjoyed (ahem) a dinner cruise up and down the Mosel. Something to do with the Schengen Agreement – Schengen is thereabouts, where the borders of France, Germany & Luxembourg intersect. I was seated opposite a judge from the European Court of Justice and his better half. Interesting up to a point, but hardly convivial.

Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg

On this trip I had a day to myself before the hard work began, so time to look around. Even enough time to jump on the train to Luxembourg.

Looking down into Grund

Friday afternoon after the seminar closed I took the train (3 trains actually) to Ingolstadt in Bavaria for the weekend. That trip was surprisingly cheap too – €70 in 1st class.

R&R, Ingolstadt style

Recovery over the weekend, and then a fun journey home. A marathon journey. Train to Munich, then S-Bahn out to the airport. easyJet to Edinburgh. A bus to the park & ride in Fife, and then car home from there.

Munich Airport


© iain taylor 2012

Footnote:- The seminar attracted 60 participants from 15 countries. I was the only Brit.

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