Cancelled or Postponed?

I wonder how the Covid 19 events of March – June 2020 will appear when we look back on them 3, 6 and 12 months from now.

How will our lives be 3, 6 and 12 months from now?

I should have been in Rīga this morning (Thursday 19th June) after a flight yesterday from Edinburgh with SAS. My itinerary was supposed to take me to Moscow this afternoon on Aeroflot. Then on Monday I would have been on an S7 flight to Kazan.


My return was to have been via St Petersburg with Nordavia and SAS.

Russia is not open to travel for foreigners. Here in Scotland only essential travel is allowed, and for leisure I am restricted to a 5 mile travel radius.

SAS cancelled my flights – they are working on a 7 day cycle but it has been clear for a while that Edinburgh would not be on their schedule at the moment. They offered a voucher or a refund, so I took the voucher. It is valid for a year. Even if I cannot use it for a future trip to Russia, Scandinavia is always attractive.


Aeroflot cancelled my flight too. I have a voucher from them as well – valid for 3 years – plus a 15% discount. I had to call their customer service centre (free) and they were a pleasure to deal with.

Another Time

My S7 and Nordavia flights are still scheduled, and domestic flights in and out of Kazan seem to be operating normally. I will have to cancel and then see if I can recover on my insurance. The flights were cheap.

In the overall scheme of things this inconvenience is minor, and the cost very small. It is still disappointing. It was a trip I put a lot of research and planning into, even going as far as resuming my Russian studies (after a gap of 45 years) on Duolingo.

Today should have been special just on its own. In July 1968 I took my first flight, and it was from Rīga to Moscow with Aeroflot. My plans had been built around re-tracing those steps today.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2020


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