My diversion therapy continued in Malmö on 1st February, and the plan worked.


I did some gentle sightseeing in the morning. I had no preconceptions about the city ahead of my first visit, and did very little investigation before my trip.

20th Century Telecoms

The city centre is very relaxed and pleasant. I enjoyed my wanderings.


The main event was ice hockey in the afternoon, however. Malmö v Luleä. The Swedish league is one of the best in Europe – it produced 3 out 4 semifinalists in the Champions Hockey League this season. Luleå are top of the table.


It was fast and spectacular, in front of 12,600 fans. Luleå won 3-1, so most of the fans went home disappointed.

Warm Up

Other highlights were the hotel breakfast (continental option for me, obviously), a Greek gyros for lunch and Vietnamese noodle salad in the evening.

The Swedish have a reputation for being a bit dour. Well, they are not when they go to ice hockey. If you want a flavour, play the clip in the link and listen to the commentary!

ⓒ iain taylor, 2020


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