I had a startling welcome to Macedonia. The first thing I had to do – apart from paying the motorway tolls without having any denar – was to drive right across Skopje to the British Embassy for my meeting.

traditional Ohrid architecture

They do have street signs in Skopje – a huge improvement on Belgrade – but they’re in Cyrillic! By the time I’ve read it, I’m past it…

Anyway, only one wrong turn.

After my meeting and a scrummy roadside kebab, it was off south again towards Bitola.

Sunday, 7am, Ohrid

Another shock to the system – after an hour or so, it was onto the mountain roads. My 1,600cc Renault Megane was in 2nd gear at some points.

Bitola was interesting – the Macedonian “capital” until Yugoslavia came along and decided it should be Skopje.

Alberta, telling us how it is

Ohrid was beautiful. So was the mountain pass (up to 1,500m = 4,500’) which lies between them.

Amsterdam, 31.5.11

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2 Responses to Macedonia

  1. Jennifer says:

    Found your blog on VT forums. Thought I’d come and check it out. Did you make it to the VT meet this year? Ohrid looks stunning, great shot.

    • admin says:

      Hi – yes, Ohrid & Bitola were fun. So was Keti’s pre-meet in Belgrade. Always interesting to meet the faces behind the VT *personalities*. Busy with work at moment, but I’ll have a look at your blog when I get a minute.

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