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Well, that was fun!

I visited Lismore/Liosmòr for the first time on a 2 night/ 3 day trip.

The island is just north of Oban, and it is one of the very accessible islands of the Inner Hebrides. The car ferry from Oban takes about 45 minutes. In the summer a passenger ferry is an alternative option – it’s a 10 minute crossing from Port Appin.

Port Appin Ferry

The Port Appin option and a rented bike was my choice, partly because I like cycling and hiking on the smaller islands and partly because the bed & breakfast owners recommended it.

With only a handful of single track roads on the island the locals really don’t want the island to become congested. It wouldn’t take much.

Port Ramsay

Their advice turned out to be excellent – and it was not expensive. £15 per day for the bike and £1.85 each way for the ferry.

The B&B was very good value too – £62 per night.

Castle Coeffin

Unless you want to spend a week or two “away from it all” – and it is perfect for that – two nights is enough to explore the island. It isn’t big. The population was 192 in 2011 and it’s only 15km (9 miles) from end to end.


It would be ideal even for a day trip if you’re in the Oban or Appin areas. What’s really noticeable is how it’s a different world from the mainland. The contrast was clear between sleepy Port Appin and the island, but must be even starker if you’ve been in bustling Oban. Amongst other things, the islanders are so friendly and laid back.

Welcome Party

I crammed quite a few highlights into a very short trip. However, top of the list is getting very close up to an eagle. Opinion is divided as to whether it was a golden eagle or a juvenile sea eagle.


It doesn’t matter – it was beautiful and such a rare privilege.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2017

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