I haven’t been posting much over the last few months. Life is always busy, but I’m hoping to move house in the spring of 2014, and I’ve been trying to prepare.

I’ve also become involved in the politics of the moment – Scotland’s independence referendum in September 2014. Yes.

My son and brother are also active in the campaign.

One surprising side effect was to find myself on the same web page as our First Minister and an international supermodel. The Prime Minister too, but that falls into the creepy category.  famous

No political blogs planned, at least not on the Bread and Tea site.

My travel experiences are still revolving around regular trips to Bavaria, to the exclusion of other places. France, Czech Republic & Turkey in one year is pretty good of course, but not as adventurous as some past escapades.away again

I am learning about the Bavarian way of life all the time, and plan to write some more blogs about it.

coffee & cake

Saor Alba!

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