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Why Glenelg?

When plans were announced for Scotland’s pandemic travel restrictions being relaxed, starting on 26 April, I had a strong urge to “get away from it all” to somewhere as remote and different from home as possible.

I do not remember how Glenelg came into my mind, but a tiny village on the northwest coast of Scotland, midweek in May, seemed to push my buttons.

The Glenelg Inn for 2 nights turned out to be fantastic.


The peace and quiet was just remarkable. The food (breakfast and dinner) was excellent.

Venison Burger

The staff were friendly and efficient (getting the blend right is not easy). The pandemic hygiene arrangements were carefully adhered to, by staff and guests. The location is amazing.

Pre-breakfast Walk

My main event – apart from getting away from work, the “stay at home” nightmare, and relaxing – was a day trip to Raasay on the other side of Skye, using the Glenelg Ferry. That too was a huge success. The ferry is unique – the last turntable ferry in the world (so they claim). The crossing takes just 8-10 minutes, but still.

The best £25 (round trip) I have spent on travel for a while.

“Speed bonny boat…”

I am tempted to go back in September or October, although with dark evenings by then it becomes a different prospect. There’s always next spring!

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