My spring break finally arrived.

With it came another Turkish Airlines flight, this time mid afternoon from Edinburgh to Istanbul. I had 4 flights with them in the autumn.

It all started – like so often – dropping the car at the local park and ride, before jumping on the airport bus. It was on time, comfortable and relaxing. Well done Stagecoach.


Check-in at the airport took about a minute, and security less than five. I was left with plenty time for a burger and a stroll around to help digest it. Boarding was quick and smooth too. Full marks to Edinburgh Airport and Turkish Airlines.


The flight left a few minutes early and arrived 20 minutes early. In between, we all got a good dinner (köfte with rice and a chickpea stew was the main course) and full inflight entertainment on a modern Boeing 737-800. More top marks to Turkish Airlines.

Perfect News

Passport control was very quick at Atatürk – no queue at all. I waited 5 minutes for my suitcase – probably because I got through passport control so quickly! My guesthouse in Istanbul had arranged a car to meet me at the airport, and so it was virtually right out of arrivals and into the transport. Well done Atatürk Airport.

20 minutes later I was in Sultanahmet being welcomed back to the Terrace Guesthouse. Then all I had to do was relax and get ready for bed – easier said than done with my body clock giving me 9pm signals and the local time being 2 hours ahead.

Balcony View

All in all it was a great way to start my wee break.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2018

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