Dadès – Monday 25-12

More wild driving today – northeast to the Gorges du Dadès. It’s 85 miles (133 km) each way, so over 4 hrs in the car altogether.


It was well worth it. Stunning scenery again – the desert and the High Atlas (with some snow on the summits) in the background. The gorge is amazing too.


I had time for lunch in the hotel restaurant at the summit of the pass – outside in the sun yet again. I tried omelette Bèrbère for the first time – they cook it in a tagine and it is served spitting hot. They leave an egg or two not beaten, and lightly cooked, so you can stick your bread into the soft yolk. It was delicious.


Four kinds of olives came with it – black, green yellow and pink. I’m becoming an olive addict.

Lunch Spot

I’ve adapted quite a bit to the local driving style and taxi drivers trying to park in my boot while doing 100 kph (70 mph) no longer bother me. Donkeys have more road sense than their riders, I’ve discovered. Goats are less predictable than Scottish sheep – a sheep is 90% likely to jump in front of you after you see it beside the road. With goats it’s 50/50.

Afternoon Sun

I even saw a camel on the verge today – untethered, so wild or a runaway I guess.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2017


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