Ouch. Busy day. Right after another busy one. That followed a weekend blighted (I think I mean “enriched”) by “work” of the charity kind.

Today should have been nice and easy. Work in the morning. A Rotary lunch. Then off to the airport for the 16.40 to Brussels. That was before the 2.45 meeting at the airport came up. Before I overslept until 7.15.

Well, it’s good to be on the plane. Less than half full. Much less. Nice new Airbus 319. The airline is promoting this as a “new” Edinburgh to Brussels route. Depends how you define “new”. I know I flew with them on this route 2 years ago.

Anyway, I’m happy. It creates competition for BMI Regional on the route. That’s good for prices. My ticket was €90 single, and that includes a checked in bag – only away 3 nights, but with real winter weather forecast, extra clothes are in there (winter boots etc).

I fly with easyJet about once a month, and whilst I’m a fan of their efficiency and value for money, my fellow passengers often leave plenty to be desired. Brussels Airlines seems to attract a different crowd, shall we say.

Brussels was a regular haunt for many years, so going back is always a pleasure.

Grand Place

Grand Place

Plan is to check into the hotel (20 minutes from the airport by train) and go for mussels at Chez Leon. Something of a pilgrimage. It’s possible I might need a refreshment afterwards. À la Mort Subite, maybe.



A good plan.

Tomorrow… train to Luxembourg (again) and then Trier (again). More to follow.

Oh, the best bit. The EU Commission is paying for this trip!

11-12-12, 5pm UK time, aboard SN2064 

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Editor’s note:- The EU is not paying for the mussels or the beer.

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