Brussels Airport in the snow

Hey, its Wednesday 22-12 at 11am (local) and I’m in Brussels Airport. “So what?” you might ask…

Well, I was booked on the 6.25am flight from Edinburgh, where it was at least -10c when I got to the airport. With the super low temperatures, the media frenzy about travel chaos in the UK, and reports of Brussels Airport closing for 2 days because of a shortage of de-icing fluid, my hopes were not high when I went to bed last night.

I half expected the flight to be cancelled, or seriously delayed, or for me to be bumped off it in favour of someone whose flight had been cancelled earlier in the week…

That thought when the alarm went at 3.45am, was not a happy one.

Anyway, it was all remarkably painless. Check in took 30 minutes – automatic and online check in seemed to be suspended, or frozen. The plane was delayed 80 minutes – air traffic control in Brussels as a result of freezing fog.

In the circumstances, well done BMI and the 2 airports.

So now a few hours to wait for the Brussels Airlines flight to Athens.

I had expected to jump on the train here and head into the city for lunch and a beer. But the snow is all slushy and disgusting outside. I don’t fancy slopping about in that, then wearing wet shoes & socks for the rest of the day.

Maybe the Sheraton across the street for lunch? I’ve stayed there a few times, but not for many years.  It’s unlikely to be in the cheap and cheerful class, but that’s better than sitting around in the terminal and eating something mediocre.

And how do I get wifi here?

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