Air Baltic (and Friends)

Dash 8

Well, that’s it for 2018. The next stage of my last trip of 2018 has been and gone. No more travels in 2018.

It was as smooth as silk, to steal an old Thai International advertising slogan. Or was it Singapore Airlines? Or even Cathay Pacific.

I got the 08:00 Finnair bus to Helsinki Airport. Door to door – hotel to airport.

Finnair’s 08:00

The Air Baltic check in desk was quiet – waiting time 90 seconds. Terminal 1 security was quiet too – waiting time zero.

I had plenty time to enjoy a big coffee and cinnamon bun to compensate a bit for the rushed breakfast in the hotel.

2nd Breakfast

Air Baltic’s flight to Rīga left early and arrived 25 minutes early. I had 50 minutes between flights and that is lots of time in a small, user-friendly airport like Rīga, but any delay would have made the connection tight. Instead I had time to relax, recharge my iPhone and indulge in people watching.

Rīga Transit

The flight to Vilnius – Air Baltic again – also left early and arrived early. I discovered they sell Lavazza brewed coffee which comes in a special cup. It contains a filter which keeps the coffee grounds in the cup. Wonderful.

Vilnius Airport was quick with the bags (as usual) and mine was on the carousel before I reached it.

What a pleasure it is when all the arrangements go so well. Hats off to the three airports, Air Baltic and Finnair’s bus department.

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