I’m starting close to home – Novapizza in Edinburgh.

Great Pizza

I was there last week – the third time this year. It’s 100% vegan/vegetarian, so it suits one of my friends who’s vegan.

I know you’re supposed to take a photo of the food, but last week I was just so hungry I forgot.

It’s in Howe Street, in the New Town, as you head downhill from George Street to Stockbridge. That makes it convenient, but away from the tourist crowds too.

The menu is split between separate pages for vegan dishes and vegetarian, so if you’re vegan (for example) you don’t have to skip through the menu looking for the vegan symbol.

Some dishes contain meat substitutes. I’ve never tried those (and don’t see the appeal). Anyway, my friends have and they were not thrilled. My advice is to think twice.

They have pasta & other dishes, so it’s not just about pizza

My veggie Parmigiana pizza and a San Pellegrino cost about £14.50.

Last but not least, they have a website with contact details plus lots of other information.