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My first trip of ’11.

I’m off to the Isle of Man to meet up with a friend. We may have a drink or two. That’s the reason for the trip, and well worth looking forward to by itself.

Even better – I’ve never been there before, so just seeing a bit of the island will be fun. I always like going to new places.

Then there’s the travel. I’m flying with Manx2. That’s also a “first”. Its fleet seems to consist of a couple of Dorniers in the “small but perfectly formed” style. Could be fun if it gets windy. Irish Sea? February? Surely not.

Ach well – “les petits sont souvent les meilleures” as Obelix would say. Don’t think he was talking about Dorniers. Boar, more likely.

My flight leaves from Blackpool Airport. I didn’t know there is an airport in Blackpool until I booked up last week. So another “first”. Free parking – Fifers like that. Helps alleviate the “chip on each shoulder” syndrome.

I have to be there by 11am on Saturday, so I suggest you all stay off the M90, M8, M74, M6 etc – I will have the foot hard down and expect to have the fast lane all to myself.

Oh no, that’s BMW and 4×4 drivers – nearly forgot.

Hotel – also a first, oddly enough. It looks great on the website. The prices are very reasonable – got a “superior” with a sea view since I’m saving so much money on parking at Blackpool.

For those as ignorant as me (but I’ve been to Wikipedia), the island is not part of the UK. Nor is it part of Great Britain. The Manx language is a form of Gaelic – hey, more Celts!

Watch this space for news next week – if I can remember anything, that is.

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