small… perfectly formed?

Saturday morning 11.30 am. Blackpool “International” Airport, for my 40 minute flight to the Isle of Man.

It’s tiny. Check in took 35 seconds (max). Security took 2 minutes (max).

I had a slight tricky moment as I tried to get through the electronic turnstile into the security area. I didn’t have an airport ticket. I had my boarding pass, but not my airport ticket. So, confused, I was pointed towards a ticket machine where I had to buy a £10 ticket to pass into security. That’s a new one on me!

Duty free was open. Not sure why – there was only my 12 noon flight and then nothing until 6pm… But the cafe was closed.

As soon as the last passenger (me) was through security, the flight was called. We were leaving 25 minutes early.

We had a grand total of 9 passengers on the flight. Exactly half full.

Don’t you just love wee planes and airports!

The co-pilot helped stow the hand luggage – in the back row of seats. We got a charming safety video, acted entirely by Manx primary schoolchildren. Fab.

And we were off!

© iain taylor 2011

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