bleary eyed…

Friday 18 February. 8.30am @ Edinburgh Airport. Waiting for the Easyjet flight to Munich.

My second trip of the year, and we’re not out of February yet! The overnight trip to Douglas was a last minute surprise, but this one has been booked since November.

Going to Ingolstadt, just north of Munich to visit friends. It should be fun (my visit in July certainly was). My liver may suffer a bit (it did in July). Informal dinner tonight, big fancy dinner on Saturday. Recovery on Sunday.

Talking to Jonas‘ high school class on Monday morning – about Scotland, Kirkcaldy (strange, but true) on Monday. The Ingolstadt Rotary club meeting on Monday night.

Then I’ll crawl back to Munich Airport on Tuesday.

A strange packing experience last night. My dress kilt, first of all. How do I make sure it arrives at the same time as me? Well, the important bits are in my hand luggage!

I’ve cleared a whole shelf of shortbread in Tesco, so that’s in the bag as well. Then 2 litres of Glenfarclas – the family favourite Speyside malt. That’s my family, not my Ingolstadt friends, although they seem to have taken a shine to it as well. Good taste, obviously.

Unfortunately, I’m knackered before I start. Home at 10pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Up at 6 to beat the rush hour to get to the airport today. Well, it’s a 2 hour flight so maybe time to catch up then.

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2 Responses to bleary eyed…

  1. Ally says:

    hope you had a good time in Ingolstadt. I’ll be there from 13th of April to !8th for the MIBA. you should google it! MIBA. (I’ll be working at Kdy’s stand).


    ps. Adrian and I are in Exchequer, Kdy watching Chelsea V ManU

  2. admin says:

    Yes, thanks. It was great.

    I think I’m at a Rotary conference in Dublin the MIBA weekend but I will google it to educate myself.

    Say Hi to Adrain


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