lots of fun

Monday night (21 February) in Ingolstadt. This trip has turned out just as much fun as my summer 10 visit. Maybe even more.

A wonderful homecooked dinner on Friday night – venison soup, rabbit and chocolate mousse, with cheese afterwards. Lots of good Bordeaux to wet the whistle. Well done Dagmar!

A 5k run with Rosi and Flocke along the Danube on Saturday morning.

A fantastic evening at the Schanzer Nacht on Saturday.


Great company, entertainment, food, wine, beer, dancing – and for the brave, weisswürst at 3.30am before crawling off home.

the floorshow

A trip into the freezing forest on Sunday afternoon to see a collection of 100+ vintage Citroëns stored in their former NATO bunkers. Then a relaxing dinner at a local resto.

dogs, friends, cars

To end – a quiet Monday, with a wander round town at lunchtime, and the local Rotary club meeting with Till in the evening.

the castle

I’ll be back.

© iain taylor 2011

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