Week 3

Glenelg Ferry at Kylerhea

Scotland is now into week 3 of the restrictions on hospitality being eased.

Restaurants can serve food inside until 8pm, but not alcohol. Pubs and restaurants can serve alcohol outside. We are free to travel anywhere in Scotland, and even to exotic places like England.

This week (11-14th May) I took off again, giving in to the urge to escape home while I can. I am still working Saturday to Tuesday, so my weekends are midweek. This is useful because it makes accommodation easier to find.

Skye from Glenelg

This “weekend” I headed to Glenelg for a couple of nights. For those unfamiliar with such things, it is in Lochalsh… across the water from Skye, if you need another clue. The drive takes close to 4 hours, so I spent a night in Pitlochry on the way to Glenelg to break the journey and turn it into a 3 night trip.

Pitlochry Bites

Pitlochry is usually bustling at this time of year, but it was very quiet.

Glenelg was quiet too, but it is a long way off the beaten track along a crumbling single track road, with a generous helping of hairpin bends. I suspect some of the views from the road are amazing, but it does take all your concentration.

Sound of Sleat

It is worth the long drive.

The other place on my itinerary was Raasay.

Calmac’s Skye to Raasay

It is a small island (population 160) off Skye’s east coast. Calmac runs a ferry between the two islands – 25 minutes and £4.10 return (without the car). It was a lovely place to spend a couple of hours wandering around in the peace and quiet.

Glenelg Neighbours

I did a lot of driving over my short break, and spending that much time behind the wheel is not my thing, but it is unavoidable if I want the reach places like Glenelg or Raasay. It was worth it.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2021


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