The Big Adventure

Well, it’s done. Flights booked for January 12.

BMI to Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Airlines to Kilimanjaro.

The details are pretty fixed as well. We’ll start climbing Kilimanjaro on 14 January. That will take 8 days.

After that, we’ll head for Arusha and take a look at some projects our Rotary club has been helping. One is for blind children, one is for kids who’ve had leprosy, and the third is for albino children.

Finally, on safari. I’m not sure how I’ll take to that. I’m not keen on being a filthy rich European spending truckloads of cash to have a luxury voyeur session and snap a few shots of lions. Maybe it’s just that having been an honorary (and honoured) member of the 3rd World for 12 years, it made me a bit cynical.

The “real me” is more about heading into the steamy Rwandan jungle to sit next to a mountain gorilla.

I think. Only one way to find out.

Still to be decided? Well I’ll have 5 nights in Ethiopia at the start of the trip. I want to recover from the flight and get acclimatised before I start on Kilimanjaro. That may be too long for Addis Ababa to keep me amused, but I’ll take advice. So I could jump on an internal flight to Gonder or Lalibela for a couple of nights. Could be fun…

There’s a place called Shit’ in Ethiopia. Tempting.

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