The Best of 2014, part 5

The last part. The airline experience of the year.

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

I had 9 trips with easyJet. Apart from that, British Airways to Toulouse, flyBE to Birmingham, Enter Air to Dublin, and KLM from Amsterdam to Munich. Nothing exotic or exciting at first glance.

Enter Air is a Polish charter airline. It supplied the flights for my rugby adventure in Dublin (see part 4).

It was a bit of an adventure getting home. The flight was due to leave as soon as we got back from the stadium after the match – about 11pm I think. We arrived to find that the flight was badly delayed – our plane was “broken” and they were flying in a replacement from somewhere. Poland, probably. We got back to Glasgow about 3am.

I had a 1 hour drive to get home. Dawn broke about halfway.

flyBE is nothing to get excited about. Just another British low cost carrier.

flyBE hub

flyBE hub

KLM was fine. They have an ‘economy comfort’ section now so that as in easyJet, you pay a wee bit more for the seats at the front. The on board staff were experienced and very good.

easyJet is like catching a bus, so not exactly award winning material.

British Airways? When I traveled a lot for work in the 90s, the travel agent knew BA and Heathrow were my pet hates. Only a last resort. Unfortunately, when BA swallowed up BMI I had a large number of BMI frequent flyer miles in my account and they’ve become BA miles. I used them for the Toulouse flights.

I was in business class (trying hard to get the miles spent) on the Toulouse to Heathrow segment. That was fun after so many budget airline experiences.

Normandy Coast

Normandy Coast

Not easy to find a winner this year. Do I have it in me to give an award to BA?

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