Na Hearadh

Sunday Morning

My final day on Leòdhas (Lewis). I had half the day (less 1 hour) on the island and was back at the airport about 14:30 for my 16:15 flight.

This time I drove south, out of Lewis and into Na Hearadh (Harris). I had some idea what to expect but was still amazed by the difference between the undulating moorland of Lewis and the rugged hills of North Harris. Then I had a chance to be amazed by the raw, rocky wilderness of South Harris.


I went as far as the famous beach at Losgaintir (Luskentyre) on the west coast of South Harris. It is quite something…


It was a Sunday. Tradition and religious observance mean that almost everything is closed. Flights on a Sunday are a relatively new thing, and still strongly opposed by many.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2018

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