Islay, Part 3

Well if malt whisky distillery tours are not for you, or once you’ve done that, what else does the island offer?

The three main villages are Bowmore, Port Ellen and Port Charlotte. All three are very attractive places. Portnahaven is too. It’s a bit of a drive away at the end of the Port Charlotte road, but well worth it. A lovely spot.

Portnahaven Local

I visited Finlaggan and the Kildalton Cross.


The weather was being a bit Scottish at the time, but I’m glad I went anyway. Finlaggan is just so historic and standing in front of the 1,300 year old cross was a bit special.



I had a good walk to Carraig Fhada – the square lighthouse – close to Port Ellen.

Carraig Fhada

I tried for another walk over at Machir Bay, but the rain beat me back.

I can’t help much with restaurants, I’m afraid. I did try to eat at Peatzeria in Bowmore, but they were full – Sunday night surge, I suppose.

Busy Place

I had lunch at Seasalt in Port Ellen – good quality, good service and good value for money.

I blame my bed and breakfast owner for my poor appetite – she gave me a great breakfast. I struggled to work up an appetite for hours afterwards. In fact, the B&B gets top marks all round. Lovely decor. A large comfortable room. Peace and quiet.


I couldn’t fault it, and I’ve had a fair bit of experience of B&Bs over the last few years. Recommended.

Excise House

My hunch is I’ll come back to Islay. Certainly I have the inclination. It’s a question of finding the time.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2017

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