Iceland – Part 1


I suppose my visit to Iceland divides into two parts. First, exploring Reykjavík, where I stayed for all of my 5 nights. Secondly, my excursions out of the city.

Well first things first. Reykjavík.

Ásgrímur Jónsson Collection

I stayed in an apartment (Airbnb) on Laugalækur, at the start of the suburbs to the east of the city centre. A choice of three bicycles came with it, and a nearby cycle path took me downtown in 10-15 minutes.


Ideal, weather permitting. As an alternative, the city bus passed by just 100m away. I used it once

As far as sightseeing is concerned, I had a good wander around and found a relaxed and pleasant place. It was easy tp spend time doing nothing. I visited the national museum and its two sister exhibitions – the Culture House and Ásgrímur Jónsson Collection. I often use a national or city museum to get my bearings about a new place.

Ásgrímur Jónsson Collection

Hallgrímskirkja is an attraction to visit, partly because it dominates the skyline from its hilltop location.

In terms of eating, like everything else Iceland is expensive. Super expensive. I estimate it is about double British prices. As I was on my own, and bearing in mind the cost, I skipped the restaurant scene.

National Museum

The city has lots to offer in terms of fast food and street food. My highlight was fish soup in Icelandic Street Food. Delicious. Afterwards, I discovered my guidebook (Lonely Planet) agrees.

Monument to the Unknown Bureaucrat

Close behind came Fish and Chips Vagninn. I was tempted by Icelandic fish and chips. It was fantastic. Part of the attraction was a beautiful sunny evening, so I was able to eat outside on their picnic benches. By coincidence, my guidebook also agreed on that one.

I always enjoy it when I find a super place for myself and then find it is highly rated in the guidebooks!


For a flavour – groan – of prices, at the cafe in the museum I had a slice of quiche, a piece of cake and a cappuccino. It cost me 2,990 ISK. That’s £19.90 (€22.20). I reckon that is about double what it would have been back home.

Thermal Vents

My fish & chips rang the till at 1,790 ISK (£11.90/€12.60).

Reykjavik is not a city I would travel to visit for its own sake, but as part of a visit to Iceland it is well worth setting aside a day or two for.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2019


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