Forward Planning

Now that I’m an employee for 4 working days a week I am having to re-learn an old discipline – holiday planning.

For the previous 11 years I took as many holidays as I chose and just had to fit them around the busy and quiet times as far as work was concerned, and other people’s holidays of course.

Now I’m limited to the pro rata equivalent of 25 days of normal holiday time plus 10.5 days of public or privilege holiday time. On the other hand, every weekend is a 3 day weekend.

Current plans certainly make good use of the 3 day weekends. In March I’ve booked a 2 night visit to Lewis (Leòdhas) and Harris (Hearadh), staying in Stornoway (Steòrnabhagh). Loganair flights from Edinburgh, a B&B and a rented car.


In the 90s I had a couple of day trips to Stornoway for work, and for ages I’ve wanted to go back to see more of the Outer Hebrides.The days will be getting much longer by then.

Tiree Airport

In May I have another 2 night trip organised – Copenhagen this time. The idea was formed initially by an overwhelming desire to be out of the country on 19 May (my hard core republican tendencies revealed) and then I was reminded about the ice hockey World Championships being held in Denmark in May. The semi finals are in CPH on 19 May, and I have a ticket for the evening game.

Copenhagen is a city I used to visit regularly for work, and the airport was the usual (and preferred) connection on my many trips to Vilnius. SAS had some great deals back then for connections through its CPH hub. I’d look forward to going back after close to 20 years even without the ice hockey.

For a “proper” holiday, I’m booked up to go back to Kıbrıs (or North Cyprus or Turkish Cyprus, depending on how you see these things) at the end of April. I’ll have 10 nights away, with 7 of them on the island and 3 nights in Istanbul in transit. Staying overnight in Istanbul is optional, but what an option!


I’m going back to Girne for 5 nights and the other 2 nights will be in Kumyalı on the Karpaz Peninsula.


I want to see that undeveloped part of the island. I want their spring sunshine and warmth too…

ⓒ iain taylor, 2018

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