Easter in Ingolstadt

Well, I’ve written about that before. No more. Except to add that I’m here again, 5 years later.

Yesterday (Saturday 26 March) the sun came out after lunch and it felt like spring had arrived. To celebrate I jumped on my bike – for the exercise as well as the fresh air.

Cycling is such a joy here (compared to Scotland). Dedicated cycle paths all over the place. Cycle lanes if you have to share with other road users. Right of way at junctions. Respect from other road users (and vice versa, natürlich).

Best of all – it’s flat.

Almost always I head into the surrounding countryside. This time I headed into the city centre. So, this blog post is a bit of a travelogue.

It was about 9km into the centre of the city. On the way I passed the local golf club – exclusive and expensive I’m told. I’ve only been there socially. Play isn’t possible here in the winter, so I guess their season has just started.

18th green

18th green

The Bavarian beer purity law – the Reinheitsgebot – was passed in Ingolstadt in 1516.


Beer Year

500 year celebrations are under way! I celebrate every time I open a bottle of local Helles.

I got off my bike for a few moments at the Graben – what used to be the moat surrounding the old part of the city.

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis

A good place to stop to enjoy the spring sunshine.

Then on through the Taschenturmtor into the Altstadt.



Parked the bike and had a wander – saves having to fret about checking street signs to make sure I’m not going up a one way street the wrong way.

The centre was quite busy, with people enjoying a chance to have coffee and cake in the open air.

I walked as far as the Bayerische Armeemuseum – which was closed, unfortunately, but looking great against the blue sky.

Another Moat

Another Moat

Next on the itinerary was the river. The Donau. The Danube. It’s always high at this time of year on account of snow melt in the Alps, so it was looking good.



By that time my rear end was starting to complain and it was time to head back. 2 hours cycling is fine normally, but I haven’t managed much cycling recently with weekends being taken up by gardening and the current election campaign.

On the way I passed a garden centre. It was deserted (in spite of the advertising).

Hard Sell

Hard Sell

On a sunny day over Easter, Scottish garden centres would be overflowing with customers.
Spring arrives a bit later in Bavaria, but when it does, there’s no messing about!

So, there’s my mini-tour of Ingolstadt for you. Follow the link if you want to know more about the city.


ⓒ iain taylor, 2016

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