Cabin Fever


The last day of September 2021, and I am back in Edinburgh after an overnight stay*.

Just as was the case with my 2 previous visits here recently, I had no particular reason to come to the city, never mind stay overnight. I had an attack of cabin fever at the start of the week, so getting away for a night attracted me.

Kurdish Dinner

Now, an observer might point out I had a week’s holiday in the middle of September and I was away for 4 nights at that time. I think part of the cabin fever originates in that escape and the pleasure of being away, particularly in such a lovely place as Rosemarkie. Coming home was the usual post-holiday downer.

Of the 8 days back at home after my holiday prior to booking my overnight Edinburgh trip, I had only 2 days working in the office. I had 2 days working from home and my usual 4 day weekend. I was not stuck in the house when I was not working, but still. I think the rigours of our 2 lockdowns in the last 18 months have left my psyche scarred by the experience.

Marriott Workstation

Cabin fever now seems to strike hard and fast, with little provocation.

Another factor is the ease of booking. I have found a place where I am comfortable. It is in a part of the city I know well. It is easy to get to from the railway and bus stations. I have endless eating and (coffee) drinking options close by.


The prices are affordable** for me at the moment (the lack of tourists has made it a buyer’s market in Edinburgh). I have the Marriott app on my phone.

Is it too easy, in fact?

That Castle…

Maybe, but is is good to find one little positive impact of the pandemic.

© iain taylor, 2021


*Written on 30 September 2021.

**£117 (including a buffet breakfast) for a standard studio, and I was upgraded to a larger studio, booked the day before arrival. It is Marriott’s Residence Inn. Their standard studio is great value at that price. The larger one is high up (7th floor) and at the end of the corridor, so about as quiet and restful as you can get.

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