A surprise visit.

BMI changed my original booking (twice). I had expected to take their flight to Addis Ababa which calls at Amman. They gave me the one which stops in Beirut.

The most important thing was that the Israelis were not bombing today.

It looked nice as we arrived in the late afternoon January sunshine. Departure was even better – at dusk. It’s one of those airports where the plane banks sharply right after take off – to avoid a mountain or an apartment building I suppose. All very dramatic.

winter sun

About half the passengers got off at Beirut, so the plane seems very empty now. A whole row to myself. Business class is even quieter – 3 seats taken out of 32.

Those of us who’re continuing on the flight didn’t have to get off at Beirut, so we were on the ground for no more than 45 minutes.

Only 4 hours to go.

Saturday 7-1-12 (somewhere above the Middle East)

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