Dundee Waterfront

In some ways it is a quiet time at Bread and Tea World HQ.

Malmö seems like a long time ago – 5 weeks. I did have an overnight stay in Dundee at the end of February, but it was only for an ice hockey game and whilst it was a great game (3-3 draw) it is nothing to blog about.

Plenty has been going on behind the scenes, of course.

I will be spending 10 days in Tunisia at the end of March, and as it is a country I have never visited before, I have had research to do as well as make a number of bookings. The visit starts with 4 nights in Sidi Bou Saïd, close to Tunis. I hope it is enough time to recover from the travel, unwind and explore the city.

Both Great Value

After that I have booked a Tunisair Express flight to Djerba, an hour to the south. I will be based in Tataouine for 4 nights, with a rented car to drive about in the desert.

Old Style

As soon as I get back after that trip, I will be applying for a visa to visit Russia in June. The consulate will have my passport for most of April. So far I have booked as far as Moscow, via Rīga. I will be renewing a very old acquaintance with Aeroflot – and Moscow!


All my research so far is pointing me towards spending a few days in Kazan after Moscow. My guidebook describes it as the “Istanbul of the Volga”.

Stay tuned…

ⓒ iain taylor, 2020


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