Luxembourg & Trier

An eventful trip…

My train from Brussels to Luxembourg was “terminated” in Namur, because a staff shortage meant SNCB didn’t have a conductor/guard/ticket inspector to take over for the Namur to Luxembourg leg.

SNCB didn’t think to tell the passengers this, of course. We were left sitting on a motionless train in Namur station, for an hour! I found out from the old guy sitting across the aisle. He phoned SNCB to demand information.

Bizarre. We were an hour late arriving in Luxembourg.

Trier is starting to feel like an old friend after my few days there in September. The same venue for the seminar, and I was in the same hotel.



The ERA does offer top quality learning for the likes of me. Its just a pity it’s so inaccessible from Scotland – 2 flights, plus 45 minutes by taxi from Luxembourg, or Ryanair (yes, quite) to Hahn and then a bit over an hour by coach. The other route I’ve tried (mixed success – see above) is flying to Brussels and then taking 2 trains.

I’ll have to count up the hours and £s one time, and make a proper comparison.

The return trip this time was eventful too. It was supposed to be 2 connecting Air France flights from Luxembourg. We were in the stairwell at departures waiting for the bus to the plane when were called back. A delay of “a few minutes” became a cancellation before I’d warmed up my seat.

Luxembourg Airport

Luxembourg Airport

I stood for an hour queuing to be re-booked. No options that evening (Luxembourg is not exactly a hub for air transport). I was given a 6am flight with KLM via Amsterdam.

Next, another desk for a hotel voucher. Then a 3rd desk to get my bag back. That was followed by a 400m hike in the pouring rain to the Campanile. It was excellent in the circumstances.



Fortunately the next day’s travel went without a hitch.

Ah yes… the glamour of business travel.

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